Media freedom is under attack. A religious minority is demonized by the President, who says nothing about the ensuing spike in violence against them. He dismisses the legitimacy of the courts and attempts to ignore their rulings. He attempts to erase the separation between church and state. He’s repeatedly praised autocrats and tyrants. He considers federalizing the National Guard to help root out aliens among us. He attempts to convince the people that he is the only source for legitimate news and facts, and all contradictory information is “fake.” He’s labeled those in the Fourth Estate who’ve reported on his scandals and missteps as “the enemies of the American people.” His administration specializes in “alternative facts.” He’s blended the workings of his corporation with those of government. And his party, which controls the legislature, shows no willingness to investigate his administration’s actions or oppose him on any front.

He has not built gas chambers. He has not rounded Muslims up and forced them to live in ghettos. He has not invaded other countries. He has not eliminated citizens’ basic rights. But we should not forget that the Nazi Party hadn’t done any of that either, in 1933.

“Fascism is like global warming. It happens really slowly, and then all at once.”
-Random Guy on the Internet