(1) Oscar Grant, harassed and then shot in the back while lying handcuffed on a BART platform.

(2) Trayvon Martin, shot to death by George Zimmerman, who had been stalking him because he thought he looked like the sort of “punk” who’d been burglarizing his community.

(3) Amadou Diallo, murdered by plain-clothes NYPD officers who fired 41 shots at him as he reached for his wallet on his own doorstep.

(4) Orlando Barlow, shot to death while surrendering on his knees, by four Las Vegas PD officers.

(5) Kimani Gray, a 16 year old boy leaving a birthday party in Brooklyn, is shot by two NYPD officers who claim he had a gun. An eyewitness swore certainty the boy was unarmed, and the two officers were later fired.