Interesting range of reactions to today’s cartoon at Democratic Undergound. The security lapses around this president are a big f*cking deal (to paraphrase the Vice President). today’s cartoon is a wakeup call. And wakeup calls are always jarring and unwelcome. To those who write “there’s nothing funny about that,” welcome to editorial cartooning. Sometimes an editorial cartoon is not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be poignant and deadly serious. It’s supposed to make you cringe, make you outraged, make you feel punched in the gut and determined to do something to fix the situation. Sometimes its sole purpose is to force you to feel exactly how disturbing a situation is. If you don’t understand that basic purpose of editorial cartoons, then you really shouldn’t be reading editorial cartoons. You should stick to Garfield, or Sudoku, or anything else that’ll help you pull the covers over your eyes and hide from the world.